Looking for a FOREX or Binary Trading site?

I could sell you a lot of Forex Trading instruction material, or point you to Binary Trading and Robot Trading, but I will save you a lot of money by simply saying “Don’t do it!”

I have tried most methods and the only success I had was working by myself and found I was very good at anticipating reversals of the trading graphs.

Then I foolishly allowed “Brokers” to trade on my behalf and they made the most impossible trades, especially on “Futures” where their predictions were wildly incorrect. They didn’t watch expiry dates and trades were forcibly closed by the trading computers while still in the red region, still waiting for a reversal that never came.

I have tried various robot programs and watched them open trade after tradeĀ and not close them in time. I have also watched while trading upper and lower limits, designed to stop the trade losing too much money if it goes bad, frequently tripped by “unexplained” brief spikes in the trading graph.

One needs to know that the whole money trading system is controlled from the very top of the Banking Hierarchy and their very sophisticated computers are designed to make money just for them – and huge amounts of it. They control the computers, set the value of international currency, employ many of these brokers and probably send those “unexplained” spikes to stop trades while in their favour.

When you first start, it works very well, they “lend” you large amounts of paper money where you may never be able to fulfil the requirements to draw money back from the system. Then a nice little nest-egg seems to be appearing, then suddenly, “Oops,” it all disappears!. “What can I say.” says the broker to me, as he takes off after other investors to send “broker!”

To be a “Smart Trader” simply have your own product or be affiliated with a successful marketer and sell that on the internet. It will require careful research on your part and start small. Attempts to get rich quick is a good way to lose money fast. If I find a really good method, I will add the details to the bottom of this post.

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